20/20 Poems by Mario Susko & Renée Sigel



This co-collection of poems by Mario Susko and Renée Sigel explore themes of love and family during times of deep conflict, alienation and political exile. These poems detail two very different experiences of conflict zones as they trace the individual stories of two individuals which unfolded half a world apart.

Mario Susko lived through the Bosnian War, also known as The Croatian War of Independence which raged across the region between 1992 -1995. This was an ethnically rooted conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a former republic following the fall of Communism which had shaped both his childhood and his academic career. Life was brought to a traumatising halt when violence broke out and escalated civil war. Twenty poems trace themes of family, memory, identity, cruelty, terror and loss, conveyed with chilling clarity that is deeply evocative, yet unsentimental.


Renée Sigel was born and raised in South Africa. Frequently a witness to systematic brutality, she was fortunate to walk away bruised and physically unscathed from several bomb blasts, and witnessed riots which evolved into violent, at times lethal clashes between demonstrators and police. Caught up in a society ravaged by ideologically legal racism, terrorism, much of her work explores themes of violence, ideology, alienation and exile. In this collection twenty poems merge personal and political landscapes into an arc of personal experience.



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Mario Susko & Renée Sigel