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May Hail Daniel Andrade Amaral

from The 100 Words of Solitude Audio-Visual Collection

As part of the on–going collaboration between Rare Swan Press and 100 Words of Solitude, we are hosting further writings, readings and recordings by contributors to the anthology.

The first in this series of audio and video recordings is May Hail written and read by Daniel Amaral.


Listen to Daniel Amaral read MAY HAIL from the 100 Words of Solitude Anthology

Daniel Amaral reading from 100 Words of Solitude Anthology

Daniel Andrade Amaral is an MFA candidate at Oklahoma State University and holds English and education degrees from UMass Lowell. His writing, with characters reacting against absurdity, expresses the nature of people imposing belief and loneliness onto themselves and each other. He is writing a novel and translating Brazilian literature.

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