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Rare Swan Press in association with a team of professional editors, offers editorial and mentoring services. Whether you are in search of an editor for a book project, a ghost writer or someone to give you serious and sincere input on how to develop your manuscript and/or writing skills; we’re a select team of experienced writers and editors dedicated to serving your authorial needs. These services are entirely separate from Rare Swan Press publishing editing and manuscript preparation. Acceptance by Rare Swan Press and Literati Magazine is not predicated on this service, nor does being a client assure or guarantee publication by us.


Rare Swan Press as an independent publisher based in Switzerland follows the COPE Code of Ethics Guidelines (2017) and is registered with the Swiss Rights Organisation Pro Litteris. All our books are held in the Swiss National Library Archive.

We do not charge submission or reading fees. We offer professional feedback, manuscript consultation or development as part of our Authorial Services.

We are also collaborative publishers. This means we happily consider unusual publishing projects, and team up with other editors and publishers to bring a project to life and part of your book collection. Recent projects include Stories from the eyes of an owl by Sarah-Jane Crowson, Going Home to Wyoming, a poetry collection by John Ennis and published by Book Hub Publishing, as well as the online project, 10o Words of Solitude curated and edited by Simon and Philippa Holloway.

We keep an open door submissions policy despite being a very small voluntary team. As we can only publish a limited amount of books per year, we necessarily are very selective.


Many who write for the first time or who have self published, believe there is no need for investing in the expertise of a professional editor. Anyone truly committed to writing and publishing a quality book to a reading public will understand how fundamental this aspect of writing is. Editors understand the rigorous standards and demands of the reading public, as much as the process of preparing a quality book.

Aligned with the EFA Code of Fair Practice Standards, Rare Swan Press partners with highly experienced professional editors, each of whom is an expert in their field.


We partner with other experts in different fields of writing expertise to bring you a selection of courses to broaden your writing skill sets, which in turn, widens the scope of publishing opportunities.


We partner with DISSERTATION DOCTOR’S CLINIC to support students in professionally preparing their work for examination purposes. We also advise on how to approach analysis and examination questions.

Your enhancements free up the verse wonderfully. Only goes to prove that for the originator, a poem (work of art) is never finished, only abandoned. You’ve touched it with new life, got back a flow that was in the original. Take a bow … I also loved how the clang-clang of rhyme ( I’m still a formalist at heart) was brilliantly tripped: …”

Going Back to Wyoming. Later Selected Poems 2000 – 2020)

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