Behind The Scenes of ‘Falling Slowly’ with Amantine Brodeur

Behind The Scenes Behind The Scenes Interview Series, hosted by Marcelle Newbold Continuing our series of author interviews where we give you, readers, a glimpse behind the making of poetry collections, artistic collaborations, novels and anthologies, Rare Swan Press, Managing Editor Marcelle Newbold, chats with poet Amantine Brodeur. Amantine is a contributor to 100 Words READ MORE

Behind The Scenes of ‘Stories From The Eyes of an Owl’ with Sarah-Jane Crowson

Behind The Scenes Welcome to our brand new “Behind The Scenes Interview Series” hosted by Marcelle Newbold For the 2021 Festive Season we are delighted to be working with you on a limited edition artist book, tell us a bit about the history of this collection of images? These images are the culmination of about READ MORE