Lynne Sachs reads EDEN by Robert Frede Kenter

A REVIEW by Lynne Sachs While Eden may at first appear as an image book, to be devoured with the eyes with the freedom of a journey without plan, engaging with the book in this way will cause you to miss its immersive, linear construction of meaning.  The pages of images with occasional text are not numbered per READ MORE

REVIEW – EDEN by Robert Frede Kenter

EDEN by ROBERT FREDE KENTER Is it possible to create a small work imbued with torrential, unabated intelligence and intellect?  You’d be forgiven for thinking this question would necessarily have to do with some academic trope of philosophical abstraction, or a kind of intellectual exercise to bore through the mind into a dulled brain freeze, in READ MORE

REVIEW The Carnival Of Affection by Philip F.Clark

THE CARNIVAL OF AFFECTION Winner of the JEROME LOWELL DEJUR AWARD 2016 PUBLISHER Sibling Rivalry Press ISBN 978-1-943977-41-3 From the immediacy of the ‘frontispiece’ poems of each section, such as this second one “You enter me with spotless grammar”, you’re aware that this is a collection of poems that innately commands attention. What struck me READ MORE