100 Words of Solitude

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This is a rare, luxury bound, limited and numbered hard cover edition of 100 Words of Solitude. All proceeds go to UNICEF and other charities.


100 WORDS OF SOLITUDE. global voices in lockdown 2020
Luxury-bound, limited and numbered hard cover charity edition.
Editors: Philippa & Simon Holloway

Curated and edited by Philippa and Simon Holloway, 100 Words of Solitude brings together a mulitude of experiences and often poignant reflections of life in lockdown and the challenges we’ve all faced, during an un-precedented year of loss, isolation and seclusion.

This project was conceived on the first day of the UK lockdown, during a late-night conversation about whether it was ever possible to understand the varied, lived experiences of people all over the world, who might be all sharing the same fears and concerns we had, facing similar challenges, but in very different places and in very different ways. We wondered how it might be possible to write about the pandemic, and if writing about it was even the right way to approach such a complex situation. We both wanted to do something to help people during the lockdown, but are not medical professionals, and apart from supporting our neighbours, felt a little helpless. However, we do know that writing can help when faced with difficult and challenging situations. We’ve both taught Creative Writing for the mental health charity MIND in the past, and know how it can help us to take control of our thoughts, to make sense of emotions and behaviours and cultural/social interactions, and to find connection with others. And so, 100 Words Of Solitude was born. “ Philippa and Simon Hollway.

The Editors.

Praise for 100 Words Of Solitude . . .

“The diversity of voices and countries represented demonstrates how connected our global village is; these words bring solace at a time when that’s a rare commodity.”Nessa O’ Mahony

“A beautiful idea, beautifully executed, these variously-shaped glimpses remind us all that we are not alone.” Tania Herschman



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