Book Hub Publishing Group

RARE SWAN PRESS and Book Hub Publishing Group joined forces during the 2020 Covid Lockdown. Our collaboration began with Book Hub Publishing featuring Starlings, a broadsheet, followed by an invitation to collaborate two unique poetry collections; one written by and the other curated and edited by John Ennis.

Renée Sigel, Senior Editor and Publisher of Rare Swan Press was Co-Editor with Niall MacGiolla Bhui of Book Hub Publishing, and she designed the interior and cover for Going Back to Wyoming. New Selected Poems 2000 – 2020.

She also collaborated on the interior design for Green Carnations. 25 Young LGBTQ+ Irish Poets.

Invited to share her advice on preparing for the Irish School Leavers IRISH LEAVING CERTIFICATE in Literary Analysis, she has joined the Dissertation Doctor’s Clinic on behalf of Rare Swan Press, as their European Editor.

Rare Swan Press looks forward to bringing you more collaborative books in partnership with Book Hub Publishing Group in 2021.

Read more about the making of Going Back to Wyoming by clicking the link below.

Both books are available now from the