Welcome to Rare Swan Press Review. In support of burgeoning artistic voices across disciplines, this new space will be dedicated to reviews of books, art, music, performance, photography, film and experimental inter-disciplinary works. It is also a dedicated platform for readers and lovers of art forms to share their love, critiques and insights. This is not a space for gratuitous criticism, slander or incitement. Nor is it intended to foster an insular ‘mutual admiration society’. Our editorial policy is to encourage those who might be reluctant to submit reviews of works they love, admire or feel critically about, as much as it is for those reviewers whose work might be marginalised and deserve more of a showcase. We want you to share with us, names, works, exhibitions and projects which might otherwise go unobserved, under-reported or overlooked. Don’t be shy. Submit. Should any review fall short of publication requirements, we will give you feedback.



We will accept between four and six reviews per month. Please ensure your review is thoroughly edited. Any visual material must be accurately credited. We are not interested in general descriptions of books, works, exhibitions or performances. We expect engaged, thoughtful evaluation, analysis and commentary, which can be critical in nature. For those who might be writing a review for the first time, be aware that readership is interested in how a topic, theme or subject has been treated, rather than in the topic per se. We will not publish rants or blind raves.

If you are submitting a book review request, please include the following details:

Book cover in .jpg / Author bio and image / Genre / ISBN / Availability and or launch date / social media links / brief summary/ intended audience.

For Pre-launch book reviews please adhere to our editorial lead in time of 8 weeks in advance to submit a print-ready pdf copy. If you intend to send a print copy of books please enquire for postal details.

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