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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Rare Swan Press. Currently we are still open to general submissions, however we are close to filling our publishing calendars for 2022 and 2023. We are a very small voluntary team of readers and editors who are deeply invested in all our writers. We take time with submissions, so please allow for upto eight weeks for an initial reply. While we do not have a ‘house style’ or practice ‘editorial preference’, for one particular style or register, we do have a very clear vision of the literary calibre we strive to support and showcase. As the saying goes, “We know it when we read it.”

Rare Swan Press does not follow prescribed trends or indulge in demographic or cultural preferential bias. We will publish regardless of age, publishing record, (or lack of), race, identity-orientation or nationality. PLEASE send us a query email first, in every instance. We appreciate a brief description of your book, or project along with the first four chapters, fiction or non-fiction. If you submit a query for a novella, please share a storyline and the first twenty pages. For POETRY, please send no more than six poems in a single attachment. All submissions should be marked “RSP Query” in the email subject line.

Please ensure your excerpts are rigorously edited and well prepared for presentation. Should we wish to read a full manuscript, we will request it.

All submissions should be in a single .docx file, 1.5 spacing and preferably Garamond typeface. Should we accept your submission we will request a brief bio and head shot. Please indicate if you wish to receive brief feedback should we be unable to accept your work. Due to the high number of submissions and the dedication we place in our published authors means we need to be very selective. We hope this might provide an incentive and inspire your best writing. Please note that submissions ignoring our submission guidelines will be rejected.

We also offer AUTHORIAL SERVICES as an entirely seperate service from our publishing. Submission acceptance is not predicated on use of these services at all, nor are any edits or manuscript developments felt to be requisite upon acceptance of a manuscript fall into these services in any way. We’ll be more than happy to have an informal conversation about what your writing needs may be, with obligation or charge for the initial consultation. We understand how daunting it can be, so please feel free to get in touch either via the Authorial Services page or through our Contact form.

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions for Literati Magazine are currently closed.


Thank you for your interest in working with RARE SWAN PRESS


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