100 Words Of Solitude Contributors (3)

Abdul Mannan Idreesi Khan

100 Words of Solitude: “DEAD END”

Abdul Mannan Idreesi Khan is an eleven year old Pakistani boy who is a passionate fan of J.K. Rowling and has read many other series. He aspires to be a fantasy and science fiction author. This story Dead End is his first attempt to get acknowledged

Raajev Auchamit

100 Words of Solitude. “I SOLATED WITH NOVELS-TY”

Raajeev Auchambit labels himself, Mauritius indicates his location while time scans him at 23. To his modest mind, everyone can write! Respect creativity. Tame the flames of fame. And you’ll collect respect.Costantia Manoli is a British-born Cypriot author/illustrator of children’s literature. She lives amid almond and olive trees in Cyprus with her daughters, hubby, lioness-dog and hyperactive-pup in a miasma of story ideas, new characters and constant interruptions. Her debut picture book will be available in Spring 2022 (Roaring Brook/Macmillan USA).

R. J. Kinnarney

100 Words of Solitude. “LENSES AND LAUGHTER”

R. J. Kinnarney is a tutor and author of Abigail Aces Acting, her first children’s book. She spends a huge proportion of her time working with children and young people. She is currently working on a novel looking at the changing attitudes to war and communication.

Ree Pashley

Ree Pashley lives in Tanzania with her loud, loving family. She is currently practicing social isolation with her 6 children, and yes, she counts down to bedtime with anticipation.

Salil Chaturvedi

Salil Chaturvedi’s short fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous journals, including Wasafiri, Ink, Sweat and Tears, and Indian Quarterly. He is the Asia-region winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition, 2008. His debut poetry collection, In The Sanctuary Of A Poem, is available on Amazon. He lives on the island of Chorao in Goa.


M. S. writes from Mumbai, India.

Lorraine Carey

Lorraine Carey’s an Irish poet and artist, widely anthologised and published in print and 61. online in Ireland, Britain, USA and Australia. Her poetry features in The Honest Ulsterman, Poetry Ireland Review, Prole, Skylight 47, Atrium and on Poethead among others. Her debut collection is From Doll House Windows (Revival Press).

Jacqui Ward

Jacqui Ward is an English woman who has been living in Brittany, France for over 30 years. Her life there is quiet and tranquil so the lockdown hasn’t changed much, other than being robbed of moments of impulse and spontaneity and meeting up with her family and friends. She tinkers with writing on occasion

Amy Barnes

Amy Barnes lives with her husband, two kids and two dogs. She has words published at wide range of sites including Lucent Dreaming, FlashBack Fiction, Cabinet of Heed, Penny Fiction and others. She is associate CNF editor at Barren Magazine.

Anne O’ Brien

Anne O’Brien – a Hennessy New Irish Writer – is currently living and waiting out Covid19 in Skagen – Denmark’s most northerly town and fishing port. Days pass reading, writing short stories, birdwatching and walking the shoreline – passing resting seals, gathering rubbish and finding treasure, wash-up after storms.

Attracta Fahy

Attracta Fahy lives in Co.Galway, a Psychotherapist, with three children, completed her MA in Writing NUIG ‘17. She was October winner in Irish Times; New Irish Writing 2019, Pushcart, and Best of Web nominee, shortlisted for Over The Edge New Writer, and Allingham Poetry. Fly on the Wall Poetry published her debut chapbook collection Dinner in the Fields, in March 2020.

Cassandra Atherton

Cassandra Atherton is a widely anthologised prose poet. Her books include Exhumed, (2015), Trace (2015) and Pre-Raphaelite (2018). She is commissioning editor for Westerly magazine.

Cherise Saywell

Cherise Saywell is a novelist and short-story writer. She grew up in Australia and settled in Scotland in 1996. Her most recent stories can be read in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology, Volume 12, and A Short Affair (Scribner). She lives in Edinburgh with her family.

Clare Le Bras

Clare Le Bras was working as a restaurant manager before the time warp. She lives in Long Beach, California

Nia Broomhall

Nia Broomhall is studying for an MA in Creative Writing with Lancaster University and has been an English teacher for 19 years. Originally from Somerset, she lives in Farnham, Surrey, with her family. She comes from a long line of women who talk to strangers and embarrass their children.

Jessica Rowlands

Jessica Rowlands has a doctorate in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Her specialisation is the agent-based modelling of disease spread amongst large human populations. Like many in her field, she has found the Covid-19 pandemic to follow a devastatingly predictable course. What she personally could not have anticipated is the impact of the global populist political climate on the patterns of transmission.

Dr. Natalie Reilly-Johnson

Dr Natalie Reilly-Johnson is a Clinical Psychologist and Writer, living in Swansea, UK.

Aymeric Fromentin

Aymeric Fromentin was born in France. He travels the world and writes stories. They range from true events to total fiction. He was roaming New Zealand when Covid-19 hit and got the inspiration for this piece while waiting out lockdown in a hostel dorm in Auckland.

Basila Hasnain

Basila Hasnain is an aspiring Pakistani writer, currently working as a faculty member in LCWU, Lahore since 2016. Recently, two of her papers were published and presented in Research Journal Of Language And Literature (RJLL) and 1st National Conference on Linguistic Challenges in Regional Integration and Globalization

Joshua Kepreotis

Joshua Kepreotis is a writer born in Australia and lives in his ancestral home of Greece. He was in lockdown in the Channel Islands, having got stuck there visiting his sister and her family. A 6 day stay turned into 80, and a family of 4 into 6 – multiplying love.

Zoe Popham

Zoe Popham is based in Portugal after a career in Asian TV commercial, news and feature film production/post-production. She is currently working on a road-trip coming-of-age novel, and a series of short stories about life during Covid-19.

Kyle Tam

Kyle Tam is a writer, dreamer, and full-time complainer, based in the Philippines. Her work has been featured in Rejection Lit, Re-Side and Planet Scumm. She’s afraid but not unhappy, which is all that one can ask for in times like these.

Meagan Johanson

Meagan Johanson is native to Corvallis, Oregon, where she still lives. She writes personal essays, poetry, and fiction, short and long. She holds degrees in English and German from Portland State University. When not writing, she is either reading, submersed in music, gaming, or making someone a grilled cheese sandwich.

Kristin Lindsey

Kristin Lindsey is an expat from the US hiding out in Granada, Spain where, thank the gods, she has her husband and the Alhambra to keep her company. She writes, reads, cooks, and, as of ten days ago, walks and runs outside again.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright is an academic living in northwest England. He teaches Creative Writing and English Literature at university, specialising in adaptation studies and tabletop game design. He has contributed to John Carter of Mars, Call of Cthulhu and the forthcoming Dune: Adventures in the Imperium.

Debabrata Sahoo

Debabrata Sahoo lives in Bhubaneswar, India. He is interested in reading and writing fiction

Maeve McKenna

Maeve McKenna lives in Sligo, Ireland. Her poetry was shortlisted, highly commended and longlisted in 2018/19 in several international poetry competitions. She has been published in The Cormorant, The Galway Review, Boyne Berries and Sonder Magazine and widely online. Maeve is working towards her first collection of poetry.

Mandira Pattnaik

Mandira Pattnaik has oscillated between anxiety and anger during this crisis, like everyone else. She thinks it will have far reaching consequences in India, where she lives

Josh Baxt

Josh Baxt is a fiction and science writer based in San Diego. He’s been working from home for eight years, so his life hasn’t changed much. His family is a little bored, but they’re not getting tweezilated with each other. Everybody gets it.

Katie Isham

Katie Isham is a writer, teacher, drummer and mild adventurer. She believes kindness is a superpower and that dogs are better than people. She writes a travel blog that seems somewhat archaic in the current climate. She writes mostly about people and cake.

Colette Willis

Colette Willis lives in a small village by the sea in Ireland. When she is not reading or dealing with her chaos demon of a rescue dog, Ozzy, she is labouring to write across a variety of genres and formats.

Lori Tucker-Sullivan

Lori Tucker-Sullivan is a writer in Detroit where the pandemic has caused her to miss her adult children and live music. Her essays have been published in newspapers, journals and anthologies. She is currently authoring a book about widows of rock stars who died young and what they taught her about grief. I Can’t Remember if I Cried: Rock Widows on Life, Love and Legacy will be published in 2021 by BMG Books.

Joanne Sutton-Smith

Joanne Sutton-Smith, is a writer of the book for the musical, “Stand By The River”, which won an ASCAP award for best new musical. A January 2020 graduate of NYU’s Master’s Program in Irish and Irish American Studies, the title of her thesis was, “Why Keening Matters: Grief Rituals in the Cultural Zeitgeist.”

Jürgen Schöneich

Jürgen Schöneich is an author, he lives in Hamburg, Germany. Or in outer space recently.

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