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Rare Swan Press is a Swiss independent publisher. Our interests cover a broad and diverse scope of artistic endeavour. Our commitment includes protection and custodianship of the artistic voice regardless of its origin. As we are a small team we cannot publish a number of books per year. We are looking to publish strong and original voices. We are especially interested in novellas and long form ‘short fiction’. Many presses and competitions focus on younger authors and poets and we wish to support writers over forty, ( regardless of gender, nationality, race). We recognise “mature” writers as particularly under-represented. This does not mean we disregard younger writers; it means work by any one of any age will be given due consideration.

Our Core Values


At RARE SWAN PRESS we care deeply about both the artist and the work we publish. We commit the same professionalism as if it were our own work going to press. While our resources and manpower are limited, our dedication to craft and to delivering the best possible service, to meet the needs of the artistry we present, is genuine and expansive. We invest in people, ideas and artistry.


We believe in cultural independence and artistic integrity. Trust and custodianship are the cornerstones of every project, every endeavour and every partnership we undertake. We explore opportunities in good faith and trust we have the wisdom of experience to also say No, for the right reasons. We dislike using terminology which tends to classify individuality. Human expression finds a commonality of voice in storytelling, irrespective artistic medium or discipline and we do not exclude work based on preferences of a ‘house style’.


Independence is critical to securing both qualitative and serious expertise. We partner with experienced professionals in their field and seek to bring diverse skills and knowledge to the service of all our authors.




LITERATI MAGAZINE is an online international journal featuring poetry, fine art, fiction, photography, interviews, reviews from across the globe. We are read in over 160 countries.


We publish books and chapbooks as well as special portfolios. Our interests lie across the arts and with different discipline, including select Fantasy and Young Adult fiction.


RARE SWAN PRESS works and collaborates across a broad spectrum of artistry; from theatre to literature, music to performance. Our books and projects can be inter-disciplinary and cross cultural. We are driven by a belief that artistry is integral to expression, regardless of background, nationality, race or any other divisive categorisation.


Responses . . .

Micheál Fahey, MSc in HRM Graduate. Contributor 100 Words of Solitude

” Wow! What else can I say? The finished product has arrived! I’m so glad to be involved in such an amazing project and that our work gets to support some immense charities. Well done to both at 100 Words of Solitude and Rare Swan Press. “

Jenny West. Playwright & Poet. Contributor 100 Words of Solitude

” I am so proud to have been chosen for inclusion in this lovely book alongside so many great writers. Thank you so much. “

Robynne Limoge. Photographer. Reader

I found the readings immensely moving, I found them to be like sharp pins scratched deep into my skin, so profound has my own loss been. The isolation was to some like another form of self harming. To others in the isolation, the heart broke apart in narrow, darkening corridors.”

Attracta Fahy. Writer. Contributor to 100 Words of Solitude

“Thank you again for everything. You were so patient with me. The books are beautiful. xxx”

John Ennis. Poet. Author Going Home to Wyoming

“An aspect that I particularly like is that the Selection moves like a continuous narrative some 70% of the way, like a Yeatsian attribute of the good poem “A moment’s thought”.


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We do everything to protect our staff and those we publish. We practice an ‘open house’ philosophy as we would any visitor. Anyone who abuses or exploits this culture of hospitality to denigrate, insult, , slander, stir up conflict, or inflict abuse of any kind whatsoever, by way of intolerant or hateful comments will be sanctioned and reported to the appropriate authorities. We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT READ sexually violent or graphic violence material and are not interested in ideological treatises, least of all any material supporting, racial, gender, or any other form of derogatory and inflammatory ideas in the guise of ‘free expression’.

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